Building My Eiffel Tower – Good News Coffee, Tea, and Teaching

Ideas on developing my very own Eiffel Tower. Along with Good News Coffee (check them out in the 15e!). Help me make much better video clips at and after that discover me on the web in all of the usual areas: (me) (merch). (my publications).

Songs by: DJ Quads.

My name is Jay Swanson – I’m an American author living in Paris on an artist visa and hoping to make the city of light my online – a minimum of for the near future. I create science-fiction and also fantasy, vlog daily, as well as love pizza a little way too much.

For how long have you stayed in France? On and also off for over two years.

What do you miss most about ho- NACHOS.

You’re constantly speaking concerning surviving on some ship. WHAT SHIP? – I made a “Draw My Life” video that discusses a great deal below:

Where are you from initially? – Pullman, Washington – a little university/agricultural community near Idaho (and of course, the potatoes are amazing).

What do you movie with? – I currently movie virtually solely with my Samsung Galaxy S8:

Exactly how do you get those shots where you’re walking or running? – A Joby Gorillapod for smartphones, such as this:

You drop your phone a lot, just how does it endure? – THIS CASE IS AMAZING: (Galaxy S7) – (Galaxy S8) – (apple iphone).

What do you modify with? – Adobe Premiere – it’s rather a lot all I’ve ever used since senior high school.

Typically aren’t you ever went nuts by leaving your cam behind to film on your own? – Yep. Not as well terribly – I often tend to be mindful when I do.

Why are you residing in #Paris? – Because I’ve always intended to; I feel at residence here:

But exactly what are you doing there? – Living it up!–DO8Y.

Do you speak French? Oui.

You chat a great deal regarding guides you’re working with, what are they about? – They’re sci-fi (as well as dream) and also I’ve obtained a respectable pitch for you below:

Do you earn money off YouTube? – Ha, no. I wish. It took me over 500 videos to earn my first $100 off adsense. I think it will slowly alter, however VERY slowly.

I actually enjoy your videos, how can I support you? – The easiest and best method to sustain me is with Patreon, where you can join in as low as $1/mo to aid me make better videos:

I do not trust this Patreon thing – just what’s your PayPal? – Here’s a helpful link!

I such as PayPal in pink! – Here’s my ko-fi if that’s your point (and also coffee is your game):

Yet I intend to send you something tangible! – I do have a wishlist on Amazon, though it’s a little bit complex with the worldwide delivery circumstance. This is the United States one:

And here’s the French one:

Can I come remain with you in Paris? It’s as well little for me as it is!

OK, but how do I use the Metro when I’m there? – I made a convenient video for you:

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