Cars, Coffee, Theology (1:3) Bryan Dyer

Chapter One, Verse Three (1:3).
[Mea Culpa: My apologies that during part of this episode my microphone makes a scratching sound when it comes in contact with my seat belt. The person liable (me) has actually been badly reprimanded. The discussion was so good we had to keep it!]

My visitor for this episode is my friend Dr. Bryan Dyer, NT scholar and also academic editor extraordinaire at Baker Academic.

Bryan earned his PhD from McMaster Divinity College and has actually just recently published his argumentation on suffering in the Book of Hebrews in the LNTS collection.

In this episode Bryan and also I review his academic job, why he named his very first automobile Toby Mac, as well as most significantly, the minute when I break the information to him that his publication has actually been mistakenly identified by the Library of Congress. I’ve functioned carefully with Bryan as my editor at Baker for a number of years and I like costs time with him.

Many thanks for tuning in!

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Produced by Jonathan Pennington and also Scott Slucher.
Sound Engineering and Music: Mandy Pennington.

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