Cold Brew Vodka and Soda Coffee Drink

Cold Brew Vodka and also Soda Coffee Drink

Black Rifle Coffee Company in all its GLORY:

Just how to make your Cold Brew Vodka Soda:

Cold Brew Vodka Soda:
– 4 oz of cool brew
– 3 oz of shimmering water
– 1 oz of vodka
* include cool brew to your glass, then soda, then vodka & mix

Delight in!!!


Obtain your summer season coffee HERE:

Cold Brew Coffee FAQ

Q: How much coffee should I use to earn chilly mixture?

A: We advise 5 tbsps certainly ground coffee for every 8oz of water however it really relies on exactly how strong you desire your chilly mixture to be. Keep in mind chilly brew is a concentrate and is typically cut with water.

The Toddy Cold Brew System utilizes a 12oz bag of coffee with 56oz of water and also is probably your best option to get begun. You could locate it right here:

Q: What is the distinction in between Cold Brew and also Iced Coffee?

A: Iced coffee is warm made coffee poured over ice and also has the very same preference and also toughness as a normal mug of coffee. Cold Brew coffee is a concentrate that has 67% less level of acidity compared to hot brewed coffee.

Q: What is the most effective roast of coffee to make use of for cool mixture, light or dark?

A: This depends upon personal taste, some claim light some say dark, we advise attempting different roasts till you discover one you like.


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Toddy Cold Brew System


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