Cold Coffee Recipe, Frothy Cold Coffee Recipe by Tarla Dalal

Cold Coffee, another chilly beverage for the hot summertimes!
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Cold Coffee

Who doesn’t such as Cold Coffee? With its stimulating coffee flavour, served in a refreshing chilled kind, enhanced enticingly with chocolate sauce, Cold Coffee is a worldwide favourite that opposes all efforts to resist it! Use full-fat milk to obtain the ideal thickness, and make sure to mix the coffee till it is wonderful as well as frothy, as that is vital for a genuine Cold Coffee experience. Below we reveal you the best method to earn Cold Coffee, consisting of the enchanting means of swirling the chocolate sauce right into the tall glasses.

Preparation Time: 2 mins.
Cooking Time: Nil.
Makes 6 glasses.

4 tablespoon coffee powder
4 mugs cooled full-fat milk
3/4 mug powdered sugar
5 to 6 ice-cubes
Delicious chocolate sauce for design
4 tsp chocolate sauce

1. Incorporate the coffee powder with 2 tablespoon of lukewarm water in a tiny dish, mix well and keep apart.
2. Combine the milk, coffee-water blend, sugar and also ice-cubes in a mixer and also blend till the mixture is frothy and also smooth.
3. Take a high glass, tilt is slightly and put the delicious chocolate sauce on the sides of the glass while revolving it to develop a random style.
4. Pour 1 tsp of delicious chocolate sauce at the base of the glass and also maintain apart.
5. Repeat steps 3 and also 4 to decorate 5 even more glasses.
6. Pour equivalent amounts cool coffee right into 6 individual enhanced glasses as well as serve promptly.

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