Compound, Concentrates & Coffee SunDaze Edition ☕️

The Daily Early Morning Show, Substance, Concentrate’s & Coffee with yours genuinely the Ct Medical Marijuana Doubter is up as well as rolling. come on in and also claim High

Show Schedule: Mon – Fri 8:20 ish-8:30 am beginning. Sun – 10:20 ish-10:30 am beginning time.

PayPal Donation:

Forthcoming Show Guests and also Special On The Road Broadcast’s.

Sept 5th – Jerry Doucette Jr/Bulldog Pepper’s (

Sept 14th-15th-16th – LIVE Boston Freedom Rally (Remote Broadcasting) –

Sept 21th Afternoon Show – Special In-House Guest.

Sept – 29th 2nd Annual Pass The Glass Spectacular with Ed Hauser (Remote Broadcasting) –

Oct 2nd – Comedian Claudia Stavola –

Oct 10th – Mike Leonard makes his return.

Oct 17th – Afternoon Show – Jonathan Siksay & Kyleen-Elyse Darrah.

OCT 20 – Community Haunted Harvest Bonfire =

OCT 27 – VIP Ghouls & Globlins 2018 =

Oct – LIVE Broadcast from the 2nd Annual Halloween Haunted Attraction at Shady Lane Tree Farm –…/.

Nov – Locking down visitor dates.

Dec – Locking down visitor days.

Sept Critiques.

Dank Fung Extract’s Airtight Mini Vape Cart Case –

9/10 Coffee Corner – Gevalia Kaffee Traditional Roast Whole Bean Mild =

9/24 Coffee Corner – Death Wish Coffee (Worlds most toughest coffee) =

Bookmark currently as well as enjoy the show’s. feel in one’s bones, you must be 18 to 21 relying on your state laws.

All Music Copyright Cleared via Facebook & YouTube by the corresponding musician’s and also can be located below.

YouTube Audio Library –

Facebook Sound Collection – …

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