Do you cleaner coffee maker

Do you clean your coffee maker as often as you should?
If not, then you’re in for some bad news!
An unwashed coffee maker machine provides a perfect breeding environment for mold and bacteria. You’ll be shocked to learn that the machine’s tank has more bacteria count than your bathroom.
To make sure that your coffee maker doesn’t become the reason behind your illness, it’s a good idea to use a cleaner coffee maker. After all, pure water and a cleaner coffee maker are the secrets behind an awesome brewing experience.
You can either clean your coffee maker after each use or deep-clean it using the vinegar cleaner coffee maker method.

Method #1: Daily Cleaning of Your Coffee Maker

If you wash your coffee marker after every use, there’s no way bacteria can enter your system. Follow the steps given below for a cleaner coffee maker:

cleaner coffee maker

cleaner coffee maker



Remove different parts of the coffee maker
Disconnect and keep aside any parts that come off, such as the brew chamber, pot, coffee tank or any other removable items.
Wash these parts separately from the main coffee maker machine.


Rinse the removable parts of the coffee maker

Soak the removed parts in a tub filled with soapy, warm water and wash them using dishwashing sponge. They can be washed the same way you clean your dishes.
Important things to remember:
Several coffee makers come with parts that are dishwasher safe. To check if the parts of your coffee maker are dishwasher compatible, refer to the instruction manual. If you’ve misplaced the instruction manual and are not sure whether the components are dishwasher safe or not, avoid taking a risk and wash them using your hand instead.
Coffee maker glass pots are very fragile and easily breakable. While washing, handle the glass pot carefully in the soapy water.


Pat-dry the outer surface of the cleaner coffee maker as well as its parts

To ensure that there are no stains or coffee grinds stuck to the body of your coffee marker, wipe its surface again and then pat the machine dry once you’ve thoroughly cleaned it. Do not wash the main coffee machine body that is connected to the chord. Wipe it using a soapy, wet rag.
Reassemble the coffee machine
Once you’ve wiped the coffee machine from head to toe, it’s time to put your coffee machine back to your coffee maker back together.

Method #2: Deep-Cleaning of the Coffee Maker with vinegar clean coffee maker

In this method, vinegar is used to decalcify your coffee maker. The vinegar cleaner coffee maker is free from deposits caused by hard water, excess coffee oils and dangerous bacteria and mold that can make you sick.

vinegar clean coffee maker

vinegar clean coffee maker

All you have to do is, fill the coffee maker reservoir with equal parts of water and vinegar. Switch on the coffee machine and let is brew the water-vinegar solution. Once the pot is half full, switch off the machine. Leave the coffee pot as is for at least half an hour as this will allow the vinegar some time to cleanse your coffee machine. Brew the mixture again for a few minutes and drain the resulting solution using a filter paper.
Now fill the pot with clean water again and let is a brew for a few minutes. Filter the water and repeat the vinegar-water solution method once more.
Once the process is completed. Wipe your coffee machine and pat it dry 

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