Espresso Machine Aicok

Espresso Machine Aicok

What is an Espresso Machine?

Espresso Machine Aicok

Espresso Machine Aicok


It´s a machine that brews coffee in very little time with exceptional quality, taste, flavor, aroma, texture and temperature.

The Espresso Machine was invented by Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy. He was granted the Patent in 1884

Throughout the years these machines became popular and started its mass production thanks to the invention of the Stovetop Espresso Machine by Alfonso Bialetti that became popular in italy in the 19th Century.

The Espresso Machine Aicok has gathered the essence of its ancesters and blended it with nowadays technology, thus developing The Espresso Machine Aicok

By combining looks, performance, reliability, durability, capacity and ingeneering Thee


AICOK Coffee Maker

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With the Espresso Machine Aicokyou can brew one or two cups at a time. It doesn´t matter if you are an experienced barista or never have used an espresso machine.

The Espresso Machine Aicok allows you make exactly the coffee you would like to drink and the way how you want you or others to drink.

The Espresso Machine Aicok can brew in record time the best cappuchinno and latte coffee you have ever tried. with a 15 Bar espresso maker and its stainlesss steel milk frother it produces the coffee with the touch of the classic roasted coffee beans.

The 15 Bar pressure allows this machine to brew the coffee and froth the milk like no other machine has ever done before. The rich espresso dark coffee or the traditional latte will not only give you the great aroma and taste but also the best coffee crema you can enjoy.

Its durability is due to the Stainless Steel Case that not only makes it last longer than the average machine but it is also stain free and easy to clean.

Its independant milk frother is moveable and also works with amazing efficiency the steam is always ready to froth your milk and it can also be cleaned easily because it is also made out of stainless steel.

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