Survival Kits and Fire Starting Essentials – Questions Over Coffee 16

Throwing the tradition of long type answers today on Questions Over Coffee, Bryan deals with three questions “quick fire” design. The very first take care of a little bit of the scenery that emerge in our video clips, particularly an object that customers have actually had trouble recognizing.

Afterwards, Bryan relocates right into responding to a couple survival/firestarting inquiries, consisting of fundamental survival gear to maintain in a kit bag and the fire starters he ‘d have on him during an outdoor camping trip.

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Nylon Zip Bag –
Mini Survival Kit –
Multi-Purpose Container –
Hemp Paracord –
Survival Blanket –
Mora FireKnife –
PDW Lanyard –

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In each episode of Questions Over Coffee, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black addresses your gear-related inquiries as well as shares his insight right into what we’re presently assessing at ITS HQ.

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