The Right Roast Episode 83: Barcelona Coffee Scene

This journey to Barcelona is our search for fantastic coffees from the finest roasters to put in our newest Taster Set Edition 03: Barcelona.
… What is the TASTER SET?
We offer an unique experience pairing terrific coffee with original videos and feature one city at a time.

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Taster Set #O3-Barcelona

In this episode we take a 3 day voyage with Barcelona’s specialty coffee scene. No rock is left un-turned as we comb the city searching for amazing coffees from the finest roasters to place in our most recent Taster Set.

For a restricted time you can buy this collection having 3 of the coffees we found on our journey.
We will certainly be releasing 3 MORE VIDEOS showcasing 3 different roasters each with a coffee in the collection.

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Order your own currently to sign up with the experience! (Edition 03 will certainly be shipped worldwide on June 14th).

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